Mayor’s Corner

Mayoral 100 Days Programme Report

Mayor SC Mataba hit the ground running as Nongoma Mayor on 18 August 2016, taking immediate steps that ultimately will deliver a world-class city where everyone matters. In their First 100 Days in office, the Mayor and his Administration have made community outreach and public input a high priority, holding and attending more than 25 community events and meetings. The Mayor and Administration have advanced a proactive agenda focused on solving problems and providing strong leadership on urgent and emerging issues.

Expanding Nongoma’s Economy and employment opportunities by engaging the business sector:

Mayor SC Mataba has far kept his promise to meet with business owners and leaders in his first 100 days. He has engaged well over 100 business leaders in a dozen roundtables and “idea sessions” to identify challenges, find solutions and take advantage of opportunities. Leaders from all sectors – small and large businesses, minority- and women- owned, finance, creative arts and sustainability – are providing key input that is informing policy and administrative changes that will improve Nongoma’s business climate even in these tough economic times.

Supporting small businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs

The Mayor has established a small business and start-up advisory group to accomplish substantive goals that will help to grow small businesses in Nongoma. This group will focus on growth, innovative start-ups that create new products and services resulting in the creation of jobs. The newly established group is called “Nongoma informal economy chamber”, it also focuses on helping informal traders to reach its target market.

Investing in Nongoma businesses to support job creation

To help small businesses expand and gain greater access to capital, the Mayor has announced his intention to help co-operatives as from 2017/18 financial year.

Environmental awareness

Mayor SC Mataba took an initiative of celebrating arbor week in Nongoma Schools where he encouraged learners about the importance of trees and environment. The Mayor on the 7th of September few days of his Inauguration he visited Bhekumthetho primary school at ward 8 during his Arbor tour week .

Infrastructure Development

The mayor had his first Sod- turning at Njampela area under Ward 4 where he introduced a Contractor to the Community and traditional leaders, the Mayor introduced the project that will cost 3, 2 Million Rands in constructing ward 4 gravel road and the name of the project is KwaNene Road which created job opportunities to the semi- skilled and skilled people within the Area of KwaNjampela .

Ensuring Road Safety

On the 9th of September 2016 the Mayor together with his administration invited the Provincial Road Traffic Inspectorates (RTI) to assist and inspect buses that were hired by the Municipality to transport Maidens to attend Royal Reed Dance, The Mayor had an opportunity to observe the inspection of Buses and some of them were not roadworthy therefore they were not allowed to transport Nongoma Maidens as part of ensuring road safety to the people of Nongoma.

Readiness of hosting royal events

The newly appointed Mayor emphasized and encouraged the people across the country through various media channels i.e National Newspapers and SABC to come and be part of Royal Reed Dance, as the Reed Dance encourage and revives the culture of the Zulus. On the 9th of August 2016 the Municipality had an advertorial on the Ilanga Newspaper encouraging the people of South Africa to visit and support the Reed Dance. On the 9th of August 2016 the Mayor had an Interview with SABC Radio (ukhozi fm) discussing the impact of Reed Dance to the Economy of Nongoma and other issues.

Introduction of newly appointed Council to the Zulu Royal King

The Mayor, Councilors and Senior Municipal Management were introduced to the Zulu Royal King on the Gala Dinner that was held on Nyokeni Royal Palace.

Mayoral Message to Municipal officials

The Mayor with his administration held an important meeting whereby the Municipal Manager together with the Mayor held an introduction of Councilors to employees, the Mayor encouraged officials to execute their duties and to do well in their jobs as the council entrusts them.

Cultural Events

On the 24th September 2016 the Mayor attended King Shaka Commemoration at Moses Mabhida Stadium as part of reviving culture.

Strategic Planning

On the 7-8 October 2016 the Mayor attended the IFP political strategy.

Local Aids Council

On the 10th of October 2016, Mayor chaired his first LAC meeting as the newly appointed Mayor he had an opportunity to engage with Local Aids Council, where the members of the Council shared their ideas about issues pertaining HIV /Aids.

Executive Meetings

The Mayor has held a number of executive meetings dealing with the matters of service delivery and the institution.

Handing over a house

The Mayor handed over a house to a family where a 78 years old pensioner was living with her grandchildren in a mud house in the Area of Hlophenkulu under ward 16.

Auditor General Meeting

In his first 100 days in the office the Mayor has held two meetings with Auditor General in shaping and utilizing the public funds accordingly so that the Municipality can able to improve its standard.

Meeting with Traditional Leaders

One of the priorities of the Mayor as he assume the office was to work very well with tribal authorities as the Nongoma Municipality render service to the people of Amakhosi, in less than 100 days Mayor Mataba has visited all the three Tribal houses i.e. Mandlakazi Tribal, Matheni Tribal and Usuthu Tribal introducing the new Council. On the 14th November 2016 the Mayor held a Consultative meeting with Amakhosi and Izinduna discussing about service delivery challenges. In his speech the Mayor told Amakhosi and izinduna that his job is to change the people’s lives by giving them the service they require and the service that will be forever remarkable.

Zululand District Meetings

The Mayor has attended district Municipality’s meetings. On the 15 November 2016 the Mayor attended the District Roadshow that took place at Nongoma.

Clean up campaigns

On the 23 November 2016 the Mayor and his administration left the office to clean and encourage the people of Nongoma to keep the town clean as it has created negative perception about Nongoma, in his campaign he had stop and talk where he was talking to the vendors about challenges they have and how can they work together with the Municipality in keeping the Town clean and safe. One of the key issues that were discovered is the access of livestock in town and the Mayor promised to fast track the issue of cleanness and livestock.