Meet The Executive Council

Cllr AN Xulu

Deputy Mayor
Cllr BW Zulu

Cllr N.G. Xaba

EXCO Member
Cllr NM Mthembu

EXCO Member
Cllr Buthelezi

EXCO Member
Cllr BJ Ntshangase

EXCO Member

The Council established an Executive Committee (EXCO) comprising of 8 members. All EXCO meetings are convened in terms of the Municipal Structures Act. The Mayor decides when and where Special Executive Committee meets.The Office of the Speaker is, amongst other things, charged with the responsibility of contributing towards ensuring that community members are able to enjoy their rights as espoused in the Constitution through affording them the opportunity to fully participate in the delivery of services.The Office of the Speaker manages this processes through the Councillors who have all been empowered, through training and experience, to execute their responsibilities maximally. Each Councillor is an effective agent of change that rallies the community around the projects being undertaken.