The Mayor Handing Over Projects

Tuesday, 09th April began the official handing over of Community Halls and Sports Facilities in Nongoma. His Worship, Mayor Albert Mncwango started with his official visit at Dengeni Community Hall Ward 6, he further went to ward 11 Qedumona Sports Field built also with a combi court. His worship proceeded to open roads at ward 7,8 and 10. The journey continued to other wards (Emasundwini Community Hall (ward 4), Vilane Sports Field (ward 20), Maduma Sports Field, ward 18 where the community could not hold their merriment. The infrastructure projects handed over by the Municipality are to promote local development at grassroots level and empower the people of Nongoma. “The projects are complete and ready to be utilized by the community and I also urge the community to assist in maintaining the standard of these buildings also not to vandalise them” said Mayor MA Mncwango. The handing over of Ndema Community Hall and Matsheketshe road had an honour of being graced by Inkosi yakwaMandlakazi E.B Zulu who also witness this special occasion.
Left: Deputy Mayor Miss AN Xulu, Bottom left, Inkosi yakwaMandlakazi EB Zulu: Middle right his Worship Nongoma Mayor MA Mncwango. Right: Hon. Speaker BW Zulu.

The Nongoma Municipality Local Development Unit together with the Mayor also handed over LED projects as part of supporting and uplifting local business and Cooperatives around Nongoma under the municipality mantra SIYAZAKHA SIYAZENZELA.
“We like to thank the Mayor for prioritising our people needs and it pleasing to witness the development of our people first hand”