Nongoma Mayoral Race


Hosted by: Nongoma Local Municipality
Date : 11 February 2018
Start : 28KM – Nongoma Multipurpose Hall : 10KM – KwaMfemfeni bus stop
Finish : KwaMusi Sport Field
Registration: Nongoma Municipality Offices
: Daily (Monday – Friday) 8H00 – 15H00
Start time : 28 KM -07H00 : 10 KM – 7H30
Temporary license for: R30.00 for 28KM & R20 for the 10KM run/walk NB// Proof of age may be required, Athletes to make their own transport Arrangements to Start and from finish
Race Rules and General Information
  1. The race is run strictly in accordance with the rules of IAAF,ASA and KZN Athletics.
  2. Foreign athletes must comply with IAAF rule 4.2 & 142
  3. All participants must be 16 years old or older for the 28KM run, 14 years old or Older for the 10 Km run and Walk.
  4. All participants must wear the following
    • A. Their correct club colours
    • B. 2018 Provincial license number must be front and back of the vest or crop top.
  5. Age category identification tags (i,e. J,35, 40, 50, 60 &60) must be worn on the front and back of your vest or crop top and must be clearly visible in order to qualify for the age category prize .
  6. Walkers to display walk tags
  7. Refreshment table will be provided and no personal seconding will be allowed.v
  8. Tog bag facility will be provided. Tog Bags will be be kept at owner’s risk.
  9. All athletes must be medically fit and participate at their own risk.
  10. Organizers and sponsors will not be held responsible for any injury, illness, damages or loss of property during or after the event.
  11. Athletes MUST obey Race Officials, Marshalls and Traffic officials.
  12. Proof of Age may be required
  13. Prizes giving will commence at 12H00
  14. Cut off time for 28KM run is 12H00
  15. Entries will be accepted as from Thursday 25/01/2018 to 10/02/0218
  16. Nongoma Municipality will provide a Hall as Accommodation.
  17. T-shirts will be given to the 1st -50 – 28Km run, 10Km run and 10KM Walk finishers.
The Organization club and Sponsors will be held responsible for any injury/ illness occurring during, as result of the race or for any loss of property or damage on the course or in the changing area. All athletes must be medical fit and take part entirely at their own risk. Enquires: MR I.S NDLELA 064 754 3323. MR D.B Gabela 071 516 3761.
Entrance Form
[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Deposit money into bank account – fax bank deposit slip and entry form to us on 035 831 3152 attention to Mr I.S Ndlela or contact 035 831 7500. Registration fee- 28KM (R70.00) & 10KM run/walk (R40) Bank details: FNB Acc no: 53153278884 Ref: Mayoral fund marathon
Categories 28km Run 10km Run 10km Walk
1. R5000 1. R2000 1. R600
2. R3000 2. R1000 2. R400
3. R2000 3. R800
4. R1000 4. R600
5. R800 5. R400
35-39 years 1. R1000 1. R600
2. R700 2. R400
40-49 years 1. R1000 1. R600
2. R700 2. R400
50-59 years 1. R1000 1. R600
2. R700 2. R400
60+ 1. R1000 1. R600
2. R700 2. R400
Junior 1. R1000 1. R600
2. R700 2. R400
Nongoma Club Athletes (M&F) 1. R1000 1. R700 1. R400
Team Prize R1000 R500