Technical Services

Library Services

Nongoma Public Library has the goal to assemble, preserve and circulate as budget and resources permit, books, computers and other resources are necessary to provide information, self-education and recreation for the people of Nongoma. And its aim is to provide a place where inquiring minds may encounter valid information, multiple viewpoints and original ideas so necessary in democratic society that depends for its survival on free and open exchange of information.


Nongoma Public Library is situated in a rural area. People living in rural/semi rural areas generally have inadequate access to library service as oppose to people living in rural areas. Many wards situate in Nongoma Local Municipality do not have sufficient library services.

Services Offered

  • There is a computer section where community is free to use internet and use computers, we provide free monthly basic trainings to the community;
  • Inside our library we have some sections where there are books like children sections, juvenile sections, youth sections and adult sections;
  • We have book loan that we provide to our community if they come to the library;
  • We have two rooms that are necessary for study purposed those are study room and group activities room;
  • There is also the audio visual service to those who need it.

  • Staff

    The library staff is there to help the community with anything that they need inside and outside the library.